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March 12, 2008


Jay Martin

Ok, perhaps you've hit a nerve here with the statistic declaring 51% of managers cite "dressing inappropriately" as "the most detrimental mistake a candidate can make in an interview." (Jeez, I would have thought the "flushing during a phone interview" would be the worst...)

What is your opinion/suggestion/whatever on how a hard-core software developer should dress for an interview? This remains a highly polarized issue, as many interviewers in that realm seriously look down on a developer who shows up in a suit...and yet there are others who say the exact opposite.

So what should a software developer (in a non-managerial, non-customer-facing role) wear to an interview, in your humble opinion?

Jennifer Tortorella

Well, forgive the plug - but that's what is sooo great about working with a recruiter. Grin. I always touch base with clients regarding interview dress - "Do you need them in a suit, or is biz casual okay?" Generally speaking, business casual is acceptable, but without asking and not knowing - always opt for a suit, even if you're carrying the jacket over your arm. The assumption will, more often than not, work against you - so play it safe, unless you know. My other suggestion is to ask - when the HR person connects with you - "Would you prefer me in a suit or is Business Casual more comfortable for your culture/environment". It's a great question. Hope this helps!

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